King Cobra

King Cobra

Altura minima

Adrenaline junkies, this is for you! Before long the mightiest attraction of Aqualand Algarve makes its debut: King Cobra!

You can face the King Cobra challenge either by yourself or with a partner, the choice is entirely yours. It all starts at nearly 25 metres above the ground. Onboard your floats, you will slide down the twisted body of the cobra, with sharp turns and light and darkness sections that will disorient you.

At the most unexpected time, a large drop at 40% tiltness will lead you directly to the head of the King Cobra, ready to take you as its next victim with menacing open jaws and spitting venom from its fangs.

Will you make it through this exhilarating challenge? There is only one way to find out: grab your float and face the King Cobra challenge!

Fun facts about King Cobra

  • It took 315 pieces put together like a puzzle to create King Cobra.
  • King Cobra is 5 stories high, slightly larger that the (now extinct) world’s largest snake: the titanoboa!
  • The slide’s maximum tilt is 40%, and the minimum is 10%.
  • Up to 480 people can experience the King Cobra challenge hourly.